Welcome to the National Bank of Sallisaw
National Bank of Sallisaw, A Division of FNBFS
1000 South Kerr Blvd.
Sallisaw, OK 74955

Tel: 918-775-5501



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National Bank of Sallisaw

  • 1500 East Cherokee, Sallisaw, OK
  • 1000 S. Kerr Blvd, Sallisaw, OK
  • 229 N. Oak St., Sallisaw, OK

First National Bank of NWA, A Division of FNBFS

  • 801 N. Dixieland Road, Rogers
  • 3706 Pinnacle Hills Pkwy, Rogers
  • 402 SW A St., Bentonville
  • 350 E. Centerton Blvd, Centerton
  • 1626 Empire Street, Lowell
  • 3553 N Steele Blvd, Fayetteville

Citizens Bank and Trust Company

  • 3110 Alma Hwy., Van Buren
  • 617 Broadway, Van Buren
  • 1519 Fayetteville Road, Van Buren
  • #4 Northridge Dr., Van Buren
  • 200 Hwy 71 North, Alma
  • 124 SE Highway 71, Mountainburg
  • 8828 Highway 59 North, Cedarville

First National Bank of Fort Smith
  • 6th & Garrison Avenue
  • 2727 Grand Avenue
  • 2000 Midland Blvd
  • 8225 South Zero
  • 5201 Rogers Avenue
  • 7410 Rogers Avenue
  • 3515 Old Greenwood Road
  • 800 Phoenix Avenue
  • 9300 Hwy. 71 South
  • 2513 Market Trace, I-540 & Jenny Lind
  • 4301 South Zero
  • 311 East Center Street, Greenwood
  • 307 Fort Street, Barling
  • 400 W. Main Street, Lavaca
  • 225 E. Main Street, Charleston
  • 535 North Waldron Rd, UA FS.
  • Taylor Rd & Hwy 64 Roland, OK




Online Banking

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Online Banking
  • Account Information - View account balances, loan payment, and loan payoff information.
  • Account Activity - Keep track of your account activity - view transactions & check images.
  • Transfer Funds - Set up one time or scheduled transfers from selected First National Bank Accounts. Transfer funds to a loan to make a payment or pay off. Make transfers until 6:00PM to post on the same day's business.
  • Email Alerts - set up alerts, email and login type
  • Download - Download account transactions into personal financial management software such as Quicken. Spreadsheet and Text formats are also available.
  • View Check & Deposit Images - View the front and back of each check and deposit slip.
  • ATM/Debit Card - Activate your ATM or Debit Card. Report your card lost or stolen.
  • Stop Payments - Place stop payments on one check or a range of checks. (Stop payment fee applies)..
  • Message Center - Contact a support representative using our secure message center. When a representative responds to your message, you will be notified when you first log into Online Banking along with an email notification that you have a message waiting.


Bill Payment

Bill Payment makes paying bills easy as 1..2.. 3.. Send a payment to anyone, anywhere in the U.S. using the convenience of your computer and the Internet.

Pay bills from multiple checking accounts - You have the option to set up any checking account to pay bills.

  • Quick Payment - This function allows you to set up multiple payments at one time.
  • One-time & Recurring Payments - Set up one-time payments on the date you specify or set up recurring payments on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. You control when your payment starts and when your payments stops going out.
  • Payment Types - First National Bank sends payments two ways, electronically or by check. We have a variety of payees set up to accept electronic payments. If we can not send the payee an electronic payment, we will send a check payment on your behalf.
  • Payment Schedule - The payment schedule gives you the ability to view, edit, or delete any payment. The schedule will show you which payments are scheduled to go out and on what date.
  • Payment History - The payment history gives you the ability to keep track of what payments have been made. Detailed payment information will display such as the date your payment was made and the confirmation/check number.
  • Payees - You have the ability to view, edit, add, or delete any payee.

Consumer Fees 
-FREE for customers who have a Prestige Platinum Account. 
-FREE for customers who have an Ultimate Checking Account and elect to receive eStatements and eNotices
-FREE for the first 15 Bill payments; .50 for each bill payment thereafter

Business Fees 
-5.95 per month will be charged for the first ten (10) bill payments. There will be an additional .50 fee for each bill payment thereafter. 

RUSH PAYMENT FEES (Note: Guaranteed on-time delivery for all Rush Payments. If not, you will be refunded up to $50 in late fees.)
-Overnight Fee: $19.95 
-2nd Business Day Fee: $14.95

-Gift Checks are $2.99 
-Donations are $1.99



Receive your account statements and notices via email. eStatements and eNotices are just like your original paper statement only emailed to you rather than delivered by U.S. Mail. They can be viewed, printed, or saved to your hard drive. eStatements and eNotices are environmentally friendly, secure, and FREE!
  • Environmentally friendly - Receiving your bank account statement or notice via email reduces the usage and impact of our natural resources. You will no longer receive a paper statement, so you can easily store your eStatement to a file on your computer.
  • Next day delivery - Unlike your paper statement, which can take 2-3 business days by U.S. Mail, eStatement and eNotices provides next day delivery of your statement. When your statement cycles, it will automatically be emailed to you – usually around 2:00 a.m. the following morning.
  • Secure - Your Online Banking ID and Password are your keys to eStatements and eNotices. eStatements and eNotices also use a security phrase which identifies that the email being sent to you has originated from National Bank of Sallisaw. This will help safeguard you against unwanted Phishing attempts.
  • Accessible anywhere - Because eStatements and eNotices are emailed to you, you can access these from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer equipped with the recommended system requirements and an Internet connection.



Mobile Banking Website

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How to Enroll in Mobile Banking Online Banking Enrollment Required

  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Select Options > Mobile Banking > Web Mobile Settings
  • Select Enable Web Access for your mobile device
  • Select to receive/ not receive text message alerts
  • Enter the mobile phone number
  • Select wireless provider
  • Select account(s) to access via your mobile device
  • Select "Submit"
  • Review information
  • Select "Confirm"

  • Log in to our Mobile Banking Apps (using Online Banking ID & Password)
  • Agree to Mobile Banking Agreement
  • Select "Submit" (this option enrolls all accounts in your Online Banking)


Mobile Banking APPs

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Mobile Banking Apps (iPad ®, iPhone® and Android™ App) Online Banking Enrollment Required

Bank By Mobile

Mobile Banking Apps make managing your money online even simpler using an iPad ®, iPhone® and Android™ mobile device.

Features of Mobile Banking Apps (Mobile Banking Enrollment Required):

  • View Alerts
  • View Account balances
  • View Recent Transactions
  • Make Immediate and Future-Dated Transfers
  • Find a National Bank of Sallisaw location
  • Pay Bills (Immediate and Future-Dated)

DOWNLOAD Mobile Banking Apps

iPad App
Download iPad App!

iPhone App
Download iPad App!

Android App
Download Android App!

Data rates may apply. Check with your carrier for details.
iPhone®, iPad®  and App Stores are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


Mobile Deposit

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Easy As 1... 2... 3... Online Banking Enrollment Required

Mobile Deposit is the fastest way to deposit funds safely on the go. Deposits made before 7 p.m. CT are processed on the same business day with funds available the next business day (see Mobile Deposit FAQs for more information).

Mobile Deposit is available to Online Banking customers who have:

  • Enrolled in Mobile Banking.
  • Downloaded the most recent iPhone or Android App.
  • An active deposit account for 90 days with a positive average balance (all checking and savings accounts qualified)
  • No returned deposited items (chargebacks) in the last 90 days. (Small Businesses no more than 2 chargebacks in the last 90 days.)
  • Demonstrated financial responsibility with all accounts

Mobile Deposit is FREE for Retail customers and
$0.50 per item deposited for Small Business customers.

ENROLL in Mobile Deposit:

  • Log in to Online Banking.
  • Select Options > Mobile Settings >Click, "Mobile Deposit Enrollment" image.
  • Complete the Mobile Deposit Enrollment Form and Submit. (Allow 1-2 business days for processing. Status of Enrollment Email/Text notification will be sent after the processing of your enrollment request.)


SMS Text Banking

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Text Banking (SMS) Online Banking Enrollment Required

Text Banking is a convenient, easy-to-use solution ideal for mobile users that do not have Internet access on their phone. With Text Banking, you can quickly receive account balances and recent account history simply by sending a text request to the bank.

ENROLL in Text Banking

  • Log in to Online Banking.
  • Select Options > Mobile Banking > Text Mobile Settings.
  • Enter mobile phone number, select mobile carrier then select accounts for Text Banking access.
  • Create mobile short name for each selected account. Click "Submit."
  • Review enrollment information. Check "I accept these full terms and conditions" and click "Confirm."
  • Reply "YES" to the text you receive on your mobile to activate the service.
  • A confirmation text message will be sent indicating enrollment is complete.

USING Text Banking     Text to 89549

Text to 89549 To Retrieve
BAL Balances for all enrolled accounts
BAL + Mobile Short Name Balance for a specific account
HIST Last four transactions for all enrolled
HIST + Mobile Short Name Last four transactions for a specific account
HELP A list of text commands
STOP Discontinues Text Banking

NOTE: SMS Messages are not case sensitive.


Text Alerts

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Text Alerts Online Banking Enrollment Required

Text alerts provide a quick and easy way for you to stay on top of your account activity. Notifications can keep you informed of account activity and help you to take action if needed.

Features of Text Alerts

  • Event Alerts
  • Balance Alerts
  • Item Alerts
  • Personal Alerts

ENROLL in Text Alerts

  • Log in to Online Banking.
  • Select Options > Personal Settings.
  • Enter mobile phone number, select mobile carrier. Click "Submit".
    • If you are unsure which carrier and address to select, you can send a text message to your email address. Once you receive the email, look at the From field. This will show the correct carrier address for your mobile device.
  • Select Options > Alerts
  • Check the "Text" check box next to the desired alert.

Data rates may apply for all mobile service. Check with your carrier for details.
iPhone®, iPad®  and App Stores are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Android is a trademark of Google Inc.



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It's Free, Fast and Convenient

iTalk, our 24-hour telephone banking system, gives you the freedom to check account balances, transfer funds, hear future dated transactions (ACH transactions & scheduled transfers) and perform debit card maintenance (activate, deactivate or re-order card).

To get started, call 479-788-4670 from any phone.

You’ll need the following:

  • Your account number
  • Your PIN (SSN or TIN)
  • A telephone

How to Enroll?

  1. Call the iTalk number 479-788-4670
  2. Enter your account number
  3. Enter your PIN (first time users will need to enter their full social security number)


Global Commands

Option 1 – Account Balances
Option 2 – Account History
Option 3 – Transfer Funds
Option 4 – Future Date Transactions
Option 5 – Card Maintenance
Option 6 – Pin Maintenance

Help Menu  .................... 1* 
Main Menu .................... 3* 
Skip ................................5* 
Hang up .........................7* 
Speech ...........................8* 
Operator .........................0 
Go Back ..........................*
Repeat ........................... #



Safe Deposit Box

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For individual or commercial customers who want extra protection for those valuable articles and documents. A safe deposit box gives you an inexpensive and safe place that ultimately gives you peace of mind. Various sizes are available to meet your individual needs.  Added convenience with Boxes available at all two of our locations.

Safe Deposit Box Charges

3 x 5
(Main Bank Only)
3 x 9 $20/yr
5 x 10 $30/yr
10 x 10 $75/yr


Service Fees

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Service Charge
Stop Payments $30.00
Checks Returned for Insufficient Funds $30.00 per check
Checks Paid Against Insufficient Funds $30.00 per check
Balancing Statements:
Current month
after 3 monthly statements

no charge; $2.00 per statement thereafter
$20.00 per hour (after 3 months)
Mailing of Extra Statement:$4.00 per month
Research$2.00 per item/page plus $20.00 per hour
Copies of Checks & Deposits: Image Copies
Additional Copies
$2.00 per month: no charge
$2.00 per item plus research time at $20.00 per hour
Garnishments & Levies:$100.00
Account Closing If you close a deposit account within 90 days of opening it, you will be charged a $25.00 account closing fee. Does not apply to First Savers Accounts.
Service Charge
Change Orders Currency per $1000.00: $ .50
Coin per Roll: $ .25
Minimum Charge: $5.00
Loose Coin Processing10% / $5.00 minimum
Check CashingRapid Tax Refund Checks: 3% / $15.00 minimum - $100.00 maximum
All Other Approved Checks: 3% / $5.00 minimum - $100.00 maximum
Service Charge
Cashier’s Check
Customer: $5.00
Non-Customer: $15.00
Money Order (Available up to $1,000.00):
Customer: $5.00
Non-Customer: $15.00

Recurring ACH Transaction Origination
Set up: $10.00
Transfer - per transfer thereafter: $2.00
International Bank Drafts (Customers Only)
Wire Transfers

Wire Transfer In: $10.00 per transfer Phone Notification additional: $5.00 per transfer
Domestic Wire Transfers Out (Customers Only): $25.00 per transfer
Domestic Wire Transfers In (Customers Only): $10.00 per transfer
Cash Management Wire Out: $5.00 per transfer
Foreign Wire Transfers (Customers Only):
Wire Amount Up to and including $5,000.00: $75.00
Wire Amount Over $5,000.00: $75.00 + 1 % of the wire amount

Night Deposit Service$15.00 per year one bag
$3.00 per year each additional bag
Collection Fees - Incoming/Outgoing:Incoming Collection Items: $10.00
Outgoing Collection Items: $15.00
Sent Registered Mail: Additional $10.00
Wire Remittances: $10.00 each
Foreign Currency Order and Redemption Fee: Fees vary
according to type and amount of currency.
Account Closing If you close a deposit account within 90 days of opening it, you will be charged a $25.00 accountclosing fee. Does not apply to First Savers Accounts.
Stop Payments on Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks, Bank Drafts $30.00 (indemnification bond required)
Signature Guaranteed/Medallion Guaranteed (Customers Only) no charge
Safe Deposit Boxes Fees vary according to size of safe deposit box (See Above)
Telephone Transfers $5.00 per transfer
Fidelity Sweep Account $75.00



National Bank of Sallisaw, Division of FNBFS. All rights reserved. Equal Housing Lender. Equal Housing Lender